Add Adobe Typekit as Provider

Sounds simple.
I understand it’s a huge ask.
Would LOVE to have Adobe TypeKit as a provider.


I’m not sure if that’s even possible. I think adobe typekit it’s exclusive for their Creative Cloud

@dashing @crisalarconworks Check my thread here: [Proof of Concept] Functional Adobe Fonts "Providers" Entry

Adding Adobe Fonts support should be fairly straight forward and other font managers have already done it.

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Would it be possible with other fonts that are exclusive if you are paying for their CC subscription?

Could you elaborate on what you mean by “exclusive”?

Roboto was only used as an example, it should work with any font from Adobe Fonts (previously TypeKit).

Exclusive meaning for any other font that’s not open source like Roboto. Maybe that’s why it worked?

Is this tested with non-open source alternatives from adobe fonts?

Licensing-wise there are some fonts that are different in that they are only available if you have an active subscription to any(?) Adobe product, for example their Photoshop/Lightroom plan.

I am not aware of their technical implementation via the Creative Cloud application being different from any other font. Whether a font is open-source or not plays no role here, it’s only relevant for licensing and usually the design files being available somewhere like GitHub, GitLab, etc.

Should be, Extensis (when it works) has this feature.

Yes please you that. The overview in the Creative Cloud Center is such a cramp! I would love to have all my fonts together under one manager. Thanks!

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