C:\Windows\Fonts hidden from Font Base Win10 22H2

Long time windows user, new to Win 10. Just installed latest rel: 22H2.

D/L’d & installed FonBase, can’t ‘watch’ C:\Windows\Fonts as that folder is marked hidden. Set Explorer to show hidden folders & files, can now see the font folder in Explorer. FontBase seems to invoke Explorer to located folders to watch but Windows\Fonts is still hidden inside FontBase.

My account is Admin level. Is this a permission (lack of) issue & how do I solve it?



Greetings @Traveler, sorry, couldn’t resist:)
Thank you for the post and welcome to the forum :pray:
Just checked and this has more to do with the special status of the “Fonts” folder (even in Windows you might see it with a special folder icon). An ordinary hidden folder containing fonts can be added into FontBase no problemo.
I’m afraid the app isn’t very suitable for dealing with the fonts that are already installed on your system and are always active by design.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team