Can't add new folders or watched folders

Please include the flowing when reporting a bug:

  • macOS
  • 12.0.1
  • 2.16.9
  • Adding new folders or watched folders doesn’t work (nothing is added)

Dows this happen when you try to add network folders or just regular folders?

When I’m trying to add folders from my system disk.

Kept away from fontbase for a while to see if this gets fixed. Unfortunately this is still an issue. Adding a folder of fonts with their own subfolders to fontbase adds the fonts to the total (see at the top “all” 6110 fonts total) but doesn’t add the folder structure under folders (at the bottom).
This is an issue as I can’t quickly delete folders again to remove unwanted fonts.

The folder added was from a ssd not a network drive.

Hello @timwendel, thank you for re-testing this issue and sorry to hear you’re still experiencing troubles with it.
Could you please describe step-by-step the process you used to add the folder of fonts into FontBase?
E.g. open file explorer, select folder, drag over FontBase window, drop it
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hi there yuriy.

I’ll do that tonight (CET) and get back to you.