Can't install 2024 plugins

Hi guys, I can’t seem to install any of the 2024 plugins - choosing the directory inside the settings gets the error ‘Could not install Fontbase-Mac-Illustrator-2024-M1’ - I get this for Photoshop and Indesign too.

I’m on Sonoma 14.3, Fontbase 2.20.7 and fresh installs of the creative apps.

Hello @designybob, thank you for our post and welcome to the forum :pray:
So, from what I understand, this happens to all 2024 CC apps here (PS/IL/ID)?
Would it be possible that you as a user of this computer are limited in read/write access rights?
If you happen to have any non-2024 CC app versions, is the situation with plugin installation the same for them?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hi Yuriy,

Yes correct. All apps, all versions (even if i select a 2024 directory under 2023 app.)

I am the sole user / admin on my machine. I dont have any 2023 versions installed.

Thank you for such a quick reply @designybob :pray:
Would you happen to know if your machine is using an M1 or an M1 Pro/Max chip?

@yuriy Its an M1 Max! 16" MBP

Thank you for the quick reply and sorry for the delay :pensive:
Will use this additional info to better understand what’s going on.
Thank you again,