Compatibility with Figma

Since installing FontBase I have been experiencing an issue in the Figma (desktop) app with newly activated fonts not being accessible in Figma until I restart the app.

This behavior does not occur in Adobe apps and so I’m wondering if FontBase is not compatible with Figma?

Hello @joshhhh, thank you for your post :pray:
I believe this topic has been discussed some time ago here: Fonts Activated in FontBase Don't Appear in Figma
For now it looks like the reason is the inner differences between how Figma and other desktop apps operate (text editors, CC apps like Photoshop etc.) and there’s little we can do on our end to rectify this. Although we do keep this issue in mind and are in constant search of solutions that would make FontBase even more convenient for our users :pray:
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FontBase Dev Team

@yuriy thanks for your response.

The topic you linked to proposes and obscure solution by the original poster, so I’m not clear what you intended me to takeaway from that?

It sounds like you are saying FontBase does not support compatibility with Figma but I’m getting lost in the context of your response.

Can you confirm FontBase doesn’t work with Figma if that is indeed the answer?

I appreciate the free app version but ultimately need something that is compatible with my workflow, thanks.

Hello @joshhhh, thank you for your reply :pray:
Unfortunately, if the solution above did not work out for you, Figma most likely can’t work with FontBase at the moment, yes :pensive:
Really sorry for the inconvenience,

Hey no worry, thanks for confirming and making a free app!!

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