Finding and deleting duplicates

Hi, I was wondering if there was a feature to find a delete duplicate fonts in Fontbase. Thanks!


When you open the font family page, if fonts have duplicates, you will see them there.
Currently it is not possible to find duplicates using search, but we plan to add that feature.


Thanks!!! I look forward to that feature!


I was looking for this option as well.
Glad to hear it’s in the works.



Hope we’ll get it very soon!


Thanks, I also would like this feature.


Any news about the possibility to add this feature?


We have a large collections of font, it would be great to be able to clean it up with a “show all duplicates” command

Is there a date for the release of this feature?

Hello @Bluesky0094, thank you for the post, welcome to the forum and sorry for the delay in replying.
Not at the moment I’m afraid.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

This is a major flaw in font base. Can’t believe the program doesn’t recognise duplicates and not install them never mind the lack of a feature for bulk deleting duplicates. Installed font base and uploaded fonts and couldn’t believe what I was seeing so downloaded typeface trial instead and in contrast it’s working like a dream. This is something you really need to sort out peeps!


Yes please: Find and remove duplicates would be a great feature :pray:

I would be happe too with this feature

Hello @Woodstcok, thank you for the feedback and welcome to the forum.
This could hardly be called a flaw, since, as discussed above, FontBase does recognise duplicates and will show them in a list once you go to the Family page of the specific font.
As for bulk deleting duplicates - you can use the same Family page to multi-select the undesired duplicates (users might not want to delete all of them at once after all) using Ctrl/Cmd+Left Click, then Right Click to bring up the popup menu and delete the files in your system.
The more automated process is in the Greenlight category, as the top post indicates, and is being considered for future implementation, so we are in the process of sorting this out:)
Hope this helps,
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

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and fyi it is ludricrous in the extreme to suggest that users go through thousands of individual font families to identify and delete dups!

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Has anyone found an alternative way to tag flag or delete duplicates in a folder? I have a folder of folders of fonts that I have collected over the last 30+ years and would love to clean it up some. Currently in my font folders I have 74,019 fonts consuming a total of 4.21GB of space so needless to say it takes a while to maneuver, and a while for my computer to process them all.

Thankfully, fontbase lets me at least create a folder of favorites I can activate or deactivate as needed.

Would be good to see this feature. I mostly find that the duplicates come from having downloaded font that are now present in Google Fonts.


At least they do not conflict, it activates one or the other. If you’re working offline having a local copy will be useful.

OP was in 2021. It’s now 2024. Any news?

Hello @johnniewalker, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
This is more or less the current situation: