Fontbase causing Windows 10 lag every couple of minutes

I’ve noticed FontBase is causing a number of issues with Windows 10. The main one, every 1-2 mins there’ll be a 1-2s UI lag. Usually, this affects the cursor either momentarily freezing, text input freezing or a UI dialogue like a right-click to freeze for a quick moment. It’s particularly bad in applications like Illustrator where there are a lot of fonts being rendered. If FontBase is closed then the issues are gone.

Are there any ways of troubleshooting what’s going on and how I can fix it?

I also noticed that many things in the Search Bar and Explorer were also broken, I.e. Cortana and Explorer search bars often stop working, they’ll open for a moment and then completely close. If I shut down FontBase, the issue goes away. I’ve noticed a few other people have spotted a similar issue here.

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