Windows search crash

|OS|Microsoft Windows 10 Pro|
|Version|10.0.19042 Build 19042|
Fontbase Version|2.16|

Fontbase Startup with windows–> windows search won`t work until i shut down Fontbase.

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Can you try deactivating all fonts in FontBase, then restart your computer?

FontBase is not likely to cause this issue by itself, but some damaged font activated in it could be the issue here.

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OS: Windows 10 Pro + Windows 11 Pro

I can confirm this. I am using the latest version of FontBase. The “Windows Search” works fine again, when I close FontBase.

Even if no local font is activated and only google fonts it crashes the Win-search. Can you please fix this problem quickly, otherwise I will be forced to change the software.

Thanks very much.

I don’t think we can ‘fix this problem’. Most likely it is because some activated font conflicts with the Windows default font used for search. And for some reason Windows decides, that it can not use the font activated through FontBase. I don’t think that we can impact or fix this in any way, unfortunately.

Same here. My search bar has been crashing for the past few days, I had to restore my OS back to normal. Last time, I had to evaluate which software would be causing this problem to recur, and for my company, it was FontBase. Luckily, I found that when I disable fonts and restart, the search bar works again.

I think Fontbase is really one of the best font managers for Windows. I love this program …

But with this fact that the Windows-Search crashes, it has a monstrous handicap.
Pls, pls, pls fix this problem!

Tipps @All: If you exit FontBase the Windows-Search will work again! Tested under Windows 11 Prof.

I can confirm the Windows Search crash as well on a new, freshly setup Workstation. I noticed Segoe UI (the same typeface Windows uses for the interface) in my activated personal font folder, so I had hopes that deactivating / removing that font would stop the conflict. But unfortunately this issue persists and renders Fontbase unusable.

Is this issue universal to Window’s users? Or are there particular fonts causing the problem? It’s such a shame considering how great Fontbase is otherwise.

Have you tried deactivating all fonts in FontBase?

Hi Dominik,

I think I have the issue fixed on my system. But to answer your question, yeah, disabling the fonts solves the issue. For some context, I have a personal font master folder that I use for setting up new systems. This folder contained duplicates of the Windows base fonts. So I setup a deactivated Watch Folder of my personal fonts. I then went through my personal folder and deleted any font that was a duplicate with the system. I then activated the Watch Folder and I don’t appear to be getting the search function crash. This applies to having Fontbase automatically start at start up as well.

While I don’t know which font(s) were causing the issue, seems the moral of the story is to avoid any duplicates. Hope this helps the folks having issues. Thanks!

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The problem is real, in Windows 10 and Windows 11. Windows search in the taskbar and in the folders themselves stops working. It took me a while to discover that FontBase was the culprit. It is necessary to open FontBase, and when the search breaks, close FontBase and open it again, then everything goes back to normal.

Has there been a resolution to fix this issue? The workaround to open/close Fontbase restores windows search, just mildly annoying.

I got windows search crash because I installed some fonts in windows Fonts Folder. When Fontbase activated those fonts that are already installed on the system the windows search crashed.
I Solved the problem via reset of my windows fonts folder so no fonts got doubled by fontbase.

-see pixelchomps reply

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