Fonts deactivating during system restart

Whenever I reset the system. Some fonts are deactivated. And that is very annoying, especially working on projects if a single font get’s deactivated it can cause a lot of problems.

  • Windows 10
  • Operating system version
  • FontBase version 2.16.9
  • System restart

The fonts are deactivated inside FontBase?
Is FontBase starting on your system start?

The fonts are deactivated inside FontBase? (Yes. After the system restart. When I check the app the green circle is greyed out But it’s random. Sometimes they show up as active and sometimes I have to activate them again)

Is FontBase starting on your system start? (Yes)

Where are your fonts located at?
Do you have any watched folders?
What’s your FontBase root folder location?

Hi Dominik, I have exactly the same behavior from my side (same thread posted here : All activated fonts get desactivated avec computer shutdown )

Fonts are located at the root of Google Drive volume. (but that’s the same issue if the fonts folder is located directly on my hard drive)
Fontbase is located by default in “User” folder.

The watched folder also disappear after system restart and I have to add it manually again (note thats MacOS asks my user password each time to allow Fontbase to access the fonts folder.)

I’ve also noticed that if i open Fontbase window directly after system launch there a message on bottom right says “DELETED 1 FOLDER”.

Quite annoying behavior
Hope that reply helps

So the issue also happens if the fonts are just in a watched folder on your hard drive? Even if not in a Google Drive folder? Does it happen every time consistently?

Hi Dominik, yes consistenly, with folders placed anywhere.
At each system restart all fonts are desactivated and watched folder disapear.
Also tested with the new version today but it’s the same…

Hello @Hugo, thank you for the detailed explanation of the issue and sorry for the late reply.
Would it be possible for you to try the following scenario:

  • move your FontBase root folder to a local (non-network) drive;
  • make local (non-network) copies of font folders;
  • add them to FontBase as watched folders;
  • see if the issue still persists (e.g. after restart);

This will help us understand if the problem is with FontBase itself or whether other factors are at play here.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team