High CPU usage when idle

Fontbase keeps oscillating between 10% and 30% of CPU usage when idle.

  • Windows 11 x64
  • Windows 11 Pro 22H2 22622.590
  • FontBase version 2.17.5

Hello @joaocrfonseca, thank you for the post, welcome to the forum and sorry for the delay.
Does the increased CPU usage still persist?
Initially it’s an expected process since FontBase is processing and identifying fonts.
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

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But did you know that the cpu effect your ping or game latency? Actually, the answer depends on the type of game you’re playing and the settings you’ve chosen for your machine. The processing speed of your computer can have an impact on a game’s latency, particularly when it comes to online games that need a lot of calculations and frequent connections to the servers hosting the game. Your ping times may increase and your gameplay performance may suffer if you are using a lot of resources while attempting to connect to a game server online.

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same as me, fontbase to take to much cpu resource,

This is also happening on Mac. I’m starting to wonder if FontBase isn’t mining bitcoin with my CPU. This is needs to be fixed. FontBase is the blood of my work, and I feel is having an stroke now.

Hello @ignaciogiri, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum:)
Did you have a chance to have a look at my post above?
How long has this been happening for?
As for mining - if it were true all of us here and FontBase would be filthy rich and flying private jets all over, but for better or worse that’s not the case:) No, there is no mining or anything of that sort, the only situation where this could happen is, as mentioned above, when FontBase is processing the fonts that were loaded into it, which enables not just viewing the fonts themselves, but also using different search parameters in advanced search etc.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

I was joking about the mining. I am pushing FontBase a lot since I have 100k fonts deactivated and 2.5k activated. Clearly there are few fonts that may cause some conflicts in which the FontBase Helper (Renderer) won’t stop spinning. I’d like to know how could I identify those conflicts so I can fix it.

Does this help?


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