Massive bugs with Windows 10

  • Your operating system: Windows 10
  • Operating system version: 10.0.19045 Build 199045
  • FontBase version: Should be the latest one.
  • What actions caused the issue:
    Whenever I have FontBase running on my Windows 10 PC, loads of issues start cropping up. I actually reset my Windows installation recently and lost loads of my Adobe preferences, brushes and actions etc. only to find that the issues have started coming back.
    It affects the search functionality and usage of timekeeping apps, to-do lists and Microsoft Store among a host of other applications. If I try to edit or search for anything all these apps crash. After closing Fontbase they all work smoothly again. I have tried this numerous times now and have been uninstalling and reinstalling apps to troubleshoot the issue. FontBase is most definitely the culprit.
    This is insanely annoying, as I cannot use basic Windows functionality while keeping my fonts organised!
    Please can you start fixing the major issues with FontBase, as it’s a useful app, but has too many bugs at the moment.

Hello @Eyetoother, thank you for the post :pray:
Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with the app and sorry you’ve had to go through all the troubles with installing/uninstalling so many things on your computer because of this :pensive:
It seems like this one specific behaviour has already been identified in the past by another user of this forum:
The most likely cause is adding system fonts into FontBase, then activating/deactivating them, while they are already activated by the OS. This can get the operating system, Windows in this case, confused by having two exact fonts active at the same time. We do not recommend adding system fonts into FontBase and activating/deactivating them. System fonts are always active, by their very nature.
I believe the cause and the solution for this are also discussed here Crashing Search bar, app store and apps and they should fix the issue you’re experiencing.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team