Some fonts are rendered as boxes

Hi, I am running into a bug with displaying of the fonts, some fonts show up as boxes in fontbase but work elsewhere on the system.

It seems like an OTF issue because I manually converted the problematic fonts to TTF and fontbase showed the correctly. Weirdly when I covert the TTF back to OTF the issue goes away and they still display fine!

  • This is happening on both Mac OS Catalina and Windows 10 with the same fonts
  • FontBase version 2.16.0 with Awesome subscription.


Can you send me these specific fonts in a direct message so I can take a look?

Im experiencing the same issue
Windows 10
Fontbase 2.16.`0
fontbase monthly subscription

Im experiencing the same issue. How do i send you a direct message?

Click on my photo, there will be a message option.

It doesn’t give me a message option. Could it be becuase I just signed up for the forum a few hours ago?

Maybe. Can you send us an email to mail[at]

this must be a silly reply, but my understanding was that you get boxes when that font does not have those characters in its character set (or possibly, your screen char set can not display those characters)?

Not every font has every character in it. The fonts on the screenshot do not contain the characters that you have entered in the text box.

But the issue in the original post is different from this.

Is there any progress with this? I have a bunch that display this way

Edit: I just converted a TTF file with this issue to otf. The font immediately showed. Once I deleted the test file it was back to boxes even when I overwrote the original TTF file with one that had been converted to OTF and then back to TTF. This is some odd behavior :grin: