"Go To File" Crashes Finder - still

Hey there,
there was another thread about this problem ("Go to file" crashes Finder), unfortunately it was closed without a solution.

I have the same problem using Mac OS Ventura 13.6.3, so it doesn’t seem to be an OS-specific issue. Whenever I select a font and click “go to file”, my Mac Finder crashes.
Thanks a lot for looking into it again!

  • Mac OS Ventura 13.6.3
  • FontBase 2.20.7
  • FontBase is installed in Apps folder (as suggested), font folder is in the local root folder (automatically installed there), I didn’t move any install parts and folders around
  • OS was installed before installing FontBase, problem occurred right away

Hello @annie548, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum :pray:
And a separate thank you for so much additional info.
Does this happen to both the pre-loaded Google fonts and the fonts you’ve added manually after installation?
Thank you again,
FontBase Dev Team

Hello Yuriy,
I hadn’t tried it with the Google fonts, but I just did and yes, it crashes the Finder as well. The first time I experienced this bug when I had just installed the program and loaded one single font to test it. I then thought the font might be corrupt and loaded a whole bunch of other fonts, it happened with all of them.
I migrated from Font Explorer X to FontBase since it was recommended in another forum, and the fonts worked all fine with that program. I deleted and uninstalled Font Explorer X so FontBase doesn’t interfere with it (sometimes font apps don’t like each other and confuse the system), so that can’t be the issue either.
Other than this weird bug the program works fine and is very useful. Thanks for putting out a free version that is actually helpful!
Greetings from Germany,

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Hello Annie, thank you for the quick reply and the additional information :pray:
Working on figuring out what the reason is, sorry for the inconvenience :pensive:
Thank you very much for your support, it means a lot to us :heart:

Hey Yuriy,

I’m still experiencing this too. I have just installed my new Macbook today.
When clicking Go to file, the cursor turns to a stuttering beachball, finder freezes, and stays frozen until I quit FontBase, or reboot. What I find interesting is that Finder unfreezes when I quit FontBase. I hope it might help locate the problem. Thanks!

Kind regards,

Hello Martijn, thank you for the additional information :pray:
So is it a completely different Macbook from the one you’ve mentioned in your original post?
Thank you again,

Correct. I was on a i9 model before, and now I’m on a M3 Max. So different architectures.

Thank you for the additional information Martjin :pray:
Will keep digging, for now there doesn’t seem to be any good reason for this to happen at all.
Thank you again,