Plug-in Errors for Adobe Illustrator M1

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The same. Macbook pro m1

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I am getting the same here as well for a few weeks now. Everything appears to be working like normal but the error pop-up is getting annoying

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Any News??? I turned off the plugins and this is only one reason to pay for subscription. What’s wrong?

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You do not need to turn the plugins off. Fontbase works like normal, its just throwing up that error box. And yes it is annoying so it should be fixed.

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same here! any news on when this will be fixed?

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Hello guys, thank you for the messages and sorry for the delay.
A possible workaround could be found here Plugin Errors for Illustrator M1
Still working on removing the cause of the problem.
Thank you and sorry again,
FontBase Dev Team

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I downloaded the latest update and cannot get it to work without getting the exact same error message. Like others I have a 2020 MBP M1 chip… I paid upfront and I am getting nothing useful.

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Also me is getting the same problems and cannot get it solved by myself. I hope the help/update is coming soon!

Hello @paperdahlia, @Valentein, just to double-check in dealing with this - so the workaround above did not make difference at all?

No. I’m also missing the plugin for Illustrator 2022 M1, can I download this seperately? A new installation of the whole app didn’t solve it.

Thank you for such a prompt reply.
By missing, do you mean the plugin file itself is not present in the respective CC Plugins folder, or there is not “Illustrator 2022” option in the Plugins section on the Settings page in FontBase?
Also, could you please confirm that after the new installation your app version is 2.17.5?
Thank you again,

I mean: the plugin file itself is not present in the respective CC Plugins folder. I am using the latest version of FontBase 2.17.5

This is getting to be a little beyond a joke now. This was first reported back in May and now it’s mid September. I love FontBase and have been using it for the last three years, but I also use Illustrator a lot and need this plugin to work!

Please fix it or I’m going to have to start looking around for another app, which is not what I want to do!


As Valentin said, is there not somewhere we can simply download the Illustrator plugin separately to manually install please? I re-installed the software to make sure 2.17.5 is the latest and there is still no Illustrator plugin anywhere.

Well, here we are on the 1st November. The Illustrator 2022 activation bug has taken so long to fix we’re now on a completely new version of Illustrator! When will be get an update that works with 2023 please?

I think this has to be the last straw - If things don’t improve by the end of the year I’ll definitely be looking for a replacement FontBase (which I don’t want to do!!!) :cry:

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Just switched from Fusion, fonts are not loading w/ Adobe CC 2023 Apps, would be great to get an idea on when this will be updated. Thanks in advance.

Same but in indesign

Hello @sveinbjorn @carrrrrlos, thank you for upping the topic.
Have you had the chance to download the latest update yet?
The issue should’ve been fixed there, but if not, do let us know.

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No luck - also running 2.17.16 on MBP M1. I have ‘Update automatically’ is checked - is there any other way to manually update?