White screen after launching - crashes?

Sorry if this is a common issue with an easy fix, I tried looking first.

I have uninstalled - reinstalled several times. I notice it keeps my fonts, how can I uninstall clean fontbase and re-add my fonts. Do you think it’s corrupt fonts? I tried fontbase, seemed like it was working fine, so I paid for ‘awesome’ and put in my password. I then added another folder of fonts and it started crashing. Do you think it’s because I put in my ‘awesome’ password? I don’t really need those features, glyphs is nice to have. I have 32GB of RAM, but it takes up to about 6GB of before crashing.

How many fonts is too many fonts!? :grin: If I see a free font or any of the company bought fonts I throw in the fonts folder. Coworkers add fonts to the same folder as well. I need to go through and clean it up, but it WAS nice just to use the search bar in fontbase to find them or browse them. Fonts folder is on network.

Please include the flowing when reporting a bug:

  • Your operating system - Windows 10
  • Operating system version - 21H2 (installing 22h2 now)
  • FontBase version- 2.18.1
  • What actions caused the issue - startup
  • If possible, attach a screenshot

Hello @RandyPetersen, thank you for the post and welcome to the forum :pray:
And a separate thank you for the details.
This shouldn’t be because of the password, no:) This shouldn’t be happening at all really, so we’ll try to do what’s possible to figure out what the reason for this behaviour is.
To completely wipe FontBase data you can remove it’s data folder. Please beware the data in it will be lost, so I’d recommend making a copy beforehand just in case. By default the folder is located at “C:\Users\YourRespectiveUserName\AppData\Roaming\FontBase”.
Hope this helps,
FontBase Dev Team

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I removed that folder and at least it’s opening now.

Any idea on, How many fonts is too many fonts!?

Trying to decide if that’s why it started crashing. I will start adding some fonts and see if/when it starts crashing.

I don’t think the number of fonts specifically should be an issue, although I believe I haven’t seen test results for hundreds of thousands, or millions, of fonts for example, so I cannot be 100% sure.
If you do have any updates on the number of fonts potentially breaking the app, please share an update if you can, that would be really helpful in understanding how and where to look for the root cause :pray:
Thank you again,